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Become an effective ally in your workplace Gurvi Movement

Become an effective ally in your workplace

Challenging sexism in the office environment does not just apply to women, as men can also take an active role against sexual harassment and inequitable practices. Women and men can each take a stand against sexism and act to achieve equity and inclusion in a variety...

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8 benefits of having a female mentor Gurvi Movement

8 benefits of having a female mentor

Every professional and business owner knows that when you embark on a brand new project, you spend a lot of time getting to know your new environment by putting everything into place. All the work and effort in the world might not be enough however to...

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Best Inspirational Feminist & Motivational Quotes

  Are seeking success in life and in your career? Of course you are. So, you must think successful, inspiring, and motivating thoughts.   To help you adopt that mindset, I have collected for you the best motivational inspirational quotes about life, feminism and success, that have been said by...

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