8 benefits of having a female mentor

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8 benefits of having a female mentor Gurvi Movement

8 benefits of having a female mentor

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Every professional and business owner knows that when you embark on a brand new project, you spend a lot of time getting to know your new environment by putting everything into place.

All the work and effort in the world might not be enough however to bring your project to fruition; you still need to move in the right direction. And this is the fundamental role of the Gurvi business mentor.

To begin with, what is a mentor? 

A mentor is not necessarily someone old who seeks to pass on their learned experience, a mentor can be someone active and in the same field as the mentee. This kind of mentor is often in a process of transmission, as much as in a process of assisting others.

This is typical of the Gurvi mentor who wants to unlock your potential to see what they can do ‘with’ you.

By sharing her personal experience, the Gurvi mentor can help you become successful in your career, and allow you to learn from the mistakes she may have made in her career.

Surrounding yourself with successful people, finding “role models,” can help you make the right choices.

Having a Gurvi mentor will benefit you in many of ways.

These are just some of the benefits of having a female mentor by your side!


1 | Receive different and fair perspectives

One of the benefits of mentoring is having a fresh, impartial review of your practice from a woman who has experience in the industry.

A mentor is a very valuable asset who has a more global vision. She will able to provide constructive comments and criticism in order to advance you as a professional, student or entrepreneur.

With having precisely this external perspective, a mentor will help you manage your priorities so that you reach concrete and achievable goals.


2 | Benefit from tailor-made support

A tutoring session with a dedicated mentor will allow you to ask questions and receive personalized training and advice.

3 | Get support and encouragement to keep going

A mentor is there to listen to you, but also to challenge you. You can share your concerns and uncertainties with her.
She won’t have ready-made solutions, but assist you to develop a strategic plan to take your career to the next level.

4 | Obtain professional connexions

A mentor can often facilitate your networking by introducing you to influential or useful connections for your career.

Sometimes it is not easy to identify the most influential people or networking groups or to get in touch with them. Your Gurvi mentor will help you whtarget the right networks, and know how to approach them.

Take advantage of these opportunities to extend your network and make new contacts to raise your profile.

5 | Get more clarity on your professional and personal path

It can be difficult, at the beginning of your career, to set achievable and measurable goals.
A good mentor is able to find the right level to challenge you, and assist in avoiding potential failure. Most importantly, she can help you establish the right strategy and the action plan to achieve your career objectives.

6 | Learn from a person rich in experiences

Experience counts, and that is what a Gurvi mentor has. Her practical knowledge will allow her to guide you effectively in the career you want to pursue.

Indeed, the fact that you are paired with a mentor in your field will increase your chances of success.

While your Gurvi mentor will refer to her experience, do not hesitate to ask questions about what motivated her choice of career, or the setbacks she has experienced or how she has grown professionally and personally through these challenges.
Her career and her practical knowledge will inspire you!

7 | Develop an honest relationship with someone you can trust

We all have ups and downs. Having a mentor is knowing there is someone who will understand you, who has been through similar ordeals.

She will be there to listen to you and support you both professionally and personally.

She can be a confidant who help you deal with the emotional and rational aspects that entrepreneurship or studying can often strain.

After all, what motivates and enriches a mentor is to see how far you can go, and if you are going to get past them! This is a mutually beneficial relationship. 

8 | Break the glass ceiling

Female mentorship is on the rise to break the glass ceiling. 

This is about engaging with inspirational women who wish to rise through the ranks, access high-level positions, or start their own business by breaking down the invisible barriers, that block women’s progress.



How to find a mentor?

If you have read this far, it is because you have understood the importance of mentoring, as well as finding the right mentor.

Gurvi Movement is here for you!

Based on your needs and interests, we can connect you with one of our experienced female mentors.

If you are interested in UI UX design, digital project management, SEO, content writing, or creating your own professional path by becoming your own boss or a freelance, we have a business mentoring program for you!

Why do we only offer female mentoring?

It is crucial for women to have “female role models” to feel more empowered in their career and to feel inspired. See It, Be It.

The purpose of this strategic bias is to create a safe environment for women to focus on their growth and improvement. No more “boys club”, let’s make way for the “womxn’s club.”

However, we promote “inclusive mentoring”. Men can be mentored by our experienced female mentors with the condition that they show interest of being more inclusive professionals, concerned with diversity and equality.

We are here to support womxn* and mxn* in their professional project.
In this context, the stakes are high, since it is a question of creating a new culture. A culture in which both genders have something to gain.

* Gurvi Movement uses an inclusive definition of “womxn”, “mxn” and “female”, and we welcome transwomxn, genderqueer womxn, and non-binary people who identify, have identified, or have been identified as female or womxn.


Interested in finding the right mentor for you?

Contact Gurvi Movement or book an hour with the mentor of your choice.


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