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Growth hacks: how to share and leverage optimized content - content promotion

Growth Hacking Content Promotion | 6 Actionable Tactics

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Growth hacks: how to share and leverage optimized content

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re coming from – if you have any kind of online business presence, your content needs to have a clear purpose.

Creating good original content takes a lot of time and effort, tons of research, and optimization. So ask yourself:

Will you leave a brilliant content piece to lie on your website, or will you proudly share it and leverage it to your advantage?

Assuming you chose the correct response, let’s talk about:

  1. What content should you share?
  2. How and where should you share it?
  3. What are the benefits of content promotion?


What content should you share?

Content marketing is all about finding the best way to share your mission and vision with your audience, and get the best possible ROI in return.

This is why you need to have a clear goal before diving into the content creation process. And no – having a strategy does not limit your creativity, it actually helps you to achieve your full potential!

Keeping this in mind, you don’t want to share content that isn’t aligned with your goals and values. Neither do you want to share something that will make your audience roll their eyes, and never come back again.

So – how do you tick both of these boxes?

The answer is content optimization.

Contrary to popular belief, content optimization is not only about technical SEO. While an SEO strategy plays a significant role in the optimization process, think about the list of traits below, as they may help you win over your target audience:

  • Quality and content score
  • The level at which content resonates with your audience
  • The questions covered
  • The relevance and uniqueness of the content

Once you hit that sweet spot of search engine requirements and target audience needs, you can proceed to content promotion.


How to share and leverage optimized content - Gurvi Movement

Growth hacks: how to share and leverage optimized content


How and where should you promote your content?

Some say the content promotion formula can be an illusion, but I find it works –
20% content creation and 80% content promotion.

In other words – invest four times more in promotion. This is especially important if you have just started building brand awareness, and users are not flocking to your website.

You will get there, but until you do, experiment with various platforms. See what’s working, and don’t act on a hunch and disregard a platform, simply because you don’t use it, or like it!

Try getting started by using these six ways to leverage and promote your optimized content:

#1 Transform a blog post into a video [or vice versa]

Don’t like making videos of yourself? Not a problem. Many programs (like EasyVSL) will transform your blog post into an animated video with an automatic voice-over.

This means that you can share your ideas on YouTube, and include a backlink to your article.

But don’t stop there, go ahead and embed that same video into your article! This is a powerful SEO tactic and will help your ranking.

Video marketing is a fun way to promote your website content, so make sure you use it to your advantage!

Once you have made the traditional 16:9 YouTube video, you will be able to resize it using Canva, Wave.Video, or InVideo, and adjust it for IGTV, Facebook video, Reel trailer, or even TikTok.

If your original content piece was video, simply transcribe it and edit it to create an article then embed it into your video.

#2 Transform a blog post into an infographic

Infographics are extremely powerful! Users love them because they are so visual, and as the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, and 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, why wouldn’t you use this tool?

Here are some ways you can make the most of infographics:

Go through your content audit document, and take note of all the listicles (or list-posts), then transform them into infographics. One of the easiest ways to make an infographic is to use online tools that provide free infographic templates.

Embed infographics into your article and allow users to copy-paste the code then embed them into their websites.

You can also share infographics on 100+ platforms and reach an even bigger audience!

While Pinterest, Reddit, and your website, will be your first stop, make sure you can add a couple of more platforms to that list, and watch the traffic sky-rocket!

#3 Transform a blog post into a presentation

Similar to infographics, presentations work wonders when it comes to re-purposing, and promoting original content.

Not only will this allow you to target keywords across platforms to reach a new audience, it will allow you to obtain valuable backlinks, and increase the possibility of your audience sharing your content.

SlideShare is a perfect option if your audience likes using LinkedIn.
Content Promotion Growth Hacks: Transform your blog post into a video, an infographic or a presentation
Growth Hacks: Transform your blog post into a video, an infographic or a presentation


#4 Content Curation Platforms

If you’re serious about your content marketing – you need to purchase a plan on one of the content curation platforms.

My personal favourite is Missinglettr, which takes inbound marketing to another level.

This platform will allow you to find quality content that you can share on your social media channel. In return, you will be able to paste a link to your article, with an image and copy of your choice, and watch it get scheduled by multiple unique accounts, that will share your content with their audience.

Missinglettr, also has an option called “Drip campaign”. This means that you can schedule an all-year-round promotion per blog post. Missinglettr will also automatically create posts and disseminate them across chosen social media channels throughout the year.


#5 Content Syndication Platforms

Content syndication is a content marketing tactic, based on promoting your original content on third-party websites.

If you are in the group of b2b marketers, or running a b2b business, this will probably be a game-changer for you.

These platforms already have a segmented audience. This means that people engaging with your content are already quality leads, and this will enhance your lead generation efforts.

But, before tapping into this source, you’ll want to make sure that:

      The platform has your target audience on it.
      You’ll actively participate in discussions.
      You’ll do your best to selflessly contribute.

For example, I’m in the content strategy and content marketing field, so my favourite content syndication platforms are GrowthHackers and Business2Community. These platforms are vital for anyone in the digital marketing, conversion optimization, or growth hacking business.


Promote your optimized content on social media - Gurvi Movement

Growth hacks: Promote your optimized content on social media


#6 Social Media Content

Normally, when you think some social media marketing to promote your newest website content piece – you think about sharing a post or two.

But when you think of all the research, and the potential your article has, will you really be satisfied with just a couple of posts?

We already mentioned transforming your article into a full-length video but you could also do a catchy reel, story, or TikTok with options popping out.

Did you make a presentation? Awesome, make a carousel as well!

Carousels are a handy and attractive way to share value with your audience. The only problem is that hashtags do not perform well on them [on Instagram]. So make sure to make some single posts as well, to attract a new audience!

Instead of notifying your audience in a single post that you have published an article, break it down into dozen posts:

  1. Take the most attractive sentences and share them on Twitter. Then make attractive “quote” posts for your other social media channels.
  2. Think of it like this – one subheading equals one post.
  3. Do you have steps/tactics/hacks? Make carousels for each of them. This way you will tease them to either wait for your next post to uncover the following step, or read all of the articles to learn more!
  4. Do you have some definitions? Make sure you educate your audience on the terminology by providing some “dictionary” posts.
  5. Make a quiz in your stories, rate them, and then invite your audience to improve their knowledge by reading your article.

You can create stories and reels the same way! Let your creativity go wild, and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Growth Hacking Content Promotion | 6 Actionable Tactics
Growth hacks: how to share and leverage optimized content


What are the benefits of content promotion?

If content strategy is about mapping goals for each content piece, then a content marketing strategy is all about mapping out goals for each content promotion. And the benefits of this approach are self-evident.

Before we dive in, let’s take a look at some of the basic goals for website content:

  • Brand awareness
  • Backlinks
  • Thought leadership
  • Increasing CTR
  • Lowering bounce rate
  • Increase in traffic
  • Promoting lead magnet
  • Promoting services
  • Targeting a specific set of keywords

Most of the time it is a combination of at least five of these parameters. This means that you will put a lot of effort into creating it. Why then would you allow this content to sit on your website and hope that someone notices it?

This is where content promotion kicks in. Creating high-quality content is incredibly important, but without proper promotion, you will not build an audience.

What are the most obvious reasons for continued promotion?

  • You can kiss goodbye to social media content fatigue. Repurposing your blog post into multiple social media posts helps you to fill out your content calendar with high-value posts, and both your audience and metrics will love you for it.
  • You’ll save money. By using content syndication and content curation platforms, you’ll be able to save money on ads and still reach a new audience.
  • Valuable backlinks. Most of the platforms (especially content syndication) have very high DA (domain authority). Links leading from them to your article will signal Google that your website content is high-quality. This will help your ranking.
  • Continuous growth. Inbound marketing is a long-term game – but the results will also be long-term. So make sure you do it right!
  • It will increase your ROI. If you publish an article and share it with your existing audience via email or social media platforms, you’re missing out on so many opportunities! But if you publish it all over the internet (obviously in places where your audience is), you’ll reach a new audience, and search engines will be more likely to push it on the first page.

Stop limiting yourself to a “blog post + post per social media channel”. Don’t be afraid to experiment and promote your articles in various ways. Each platform has its own audience with its own preferences. By using different promotion approaches this will significantly increase your chance to reach relevant users, and fulfill your marketing goals.

Word of caution: while I highly encourage experimenting, don’t get lost in all the platforms. After three months (or as soon as you collect relevant data), re-evaluate your efforts and results from each platform, then narrow your choice and fine-tune your content marketing strategy.

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