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Lisa, what does writing the blog mean to you and why did you become an entrepreneur in the first place?

It means freedom! It provides financial freedom, gives me the freedom to share my gifts with the right audience, and it helps me inspire other women to enjoy freedom as well.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was a little girl and it’s the most natural thing in the world for me; I can’t be the fully present wife and mom I am meant to be when I’m punching someone else’s clock and I can’t fulfill my purpose when my time is spent on furthering someone else’s agenda.


What is your business about? How did you come across your idea?

We believe in having multiple revenue streams and so our websites reflect that. However, in every one of our businesses we serve values-driven moms because that is my heart and passion.

I have one business that gives them resources to manage their home and another that cultivates their faith, and the third helps them on their entrepreneurial journey. The ideas stemmed from my own journey and desire to help others.


Since you are also a mom… How do you balance your personal and professional life?

I set tight boundaries – not to protect my work hours, but to protect my family from work taking my focused time and attention from them.

This allows me to work hard during work time and be fully present when I’m with my family. It’s not about balance for me; it’s about working and living with integrity and boundaries.


Have you made any adjustments to your personal and professional life to juggle these two roles?

Absolutely; I’ve developed a lot more self-discipline than I had before this and I’ve learned to say no to opportunities that spread me too thin.


What is the greatest obstacle you have faced in achieving the success you desire? How do you overcome it?

Prioritizing my own health – it was way too easy in the beginning to skip sleep to get more done.

I realized that made me less efficient at work and less kind/patient as a mom and that prioritizing my own health was not only unselfish but essential. Now, I keep to a routine.

What are the things that help you stay organized throughout the day and get time for everyone and everything? Is there a special time planner, or workspace design, or technique that you use?

Tell us your time management secrets!

I love Google Calendar, Trello, and my pen and paper day planner! I’m a huge fan of task batching and time blocking and they are how I run my life.


Any recommendations to Moms who dream about being entrepreneurs, but just can’t get started?

You don’t have to do it all today but take one step. Stop waiting for the perfect time (⚠️ spoiler alert: it pretty much never comes) and just start doing something each day.


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