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Neha, what does writing the blog mean to you and why did you become an entrepreneur in the first place?

Running a business working to achieve your dream rather than working to fulfill someone else’s dream.


What is your business about? How did you come across your idea?

I am a blogger and a content writer. I came across the fact that writing pays when I started participating in online women’s forums and marketing platforms.


Since you are also a mom… How do you balance your personal and professional life?

Each of us, kids included, have a to-do list that needs to be completed at the end of the day. So while I am working kids finish their tasks. Apart from this I have set timings and days when I do not attend work calls or respond to mails.


Have you made any adjustments to your personal and professional life to juggle these two roles?

Yes. If you have a business, there aren’t any proper holidays. I can’t just take a leave on a whim. Planning is essential and my kids understand that.


What is the greatest obstacle you have faced in achieving the success you desire? How do you overcome it?

I won’t call it an obstacle but as a blogger or solo entrepreneur, it gets lonely. Finding the right group of like-minded, business-focused individuals help in breaking that loneliness and motivates you to do better.


What are the things that help you stay organized throughout the day and get time for everyone and everything? Is there a special time planner, or workspace design, or technique that you use?

Tell us your time management secrets!

I have a ‘To-do’ list which I prepare a day prior. Apart from this for project management my use Trello.


Any recommendations to Moms who dream about being entrepreneurs, but just can’t get started?

Starting is tough. If you want to do it, go for it. Try and find at least 3 hours every day. A time when you aren’t disturbed. For me, it is early morning or late afternoon when kids take a nap.

In that time, be laser-focused with your to-do list and finish tasks based on priority. Getting something done every day is more important than just waiting for the right time to finish all of it in one go.


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